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Our online teaching program is probably the most thorough and comprehensive way to learn meditation available today. While retreat offers the opportunity to become deeply immersed in the practice of meditation in a short time, our online courses provide a systematic and detailed training in the wide variety of meditative skills that together allow us to become an informed and accomplished practitioner. We have courses for everyone from beginners to experts.

“When the Heart, Mind & Body are mis-organised there are nothing but questions. When the Heart, Mind & Body are organised there are no questions unanswered.”
- Burgs


Intermediate – Week 6

Reproductive, Lymphatic & Endocrine Systems

Intermediate – Week 5

Digestive System

Foundation – Week 31

The Digestive System

Foundation – Week 30

How to Approach Our Healing

Stillness – Week 10

Loving Kindness Practice

Healing – Week 14

Questions & Answers

Intermediate – Week 4

The Respiratory System

Intermediate – Week 3

Flesh & Muscle


The Flavour
of Liberation
volume 1&2

Here is where you can find the relevant chapters from "The Flavour of Liberation volume 1&2" which will be part of our foundation course.

Please note that the images contained in this book can not included in these posts.

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